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Audio/Visual Glossary
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Active Matrix
LCD display that uses a solid state device to control each pixel cell for a more quality image.

American National Standards Institute

Aspect Ratio
Ratio of height to width of a screen or image.

Audio In
Input audio connection for an electronic device such as a VCR, usually female RCA jacks.

Audio Out
Output audio signal from a device such as a VCR or CD player, usually female RCA jacks.

The maximum information handling capacity of an electronic network or connection.

Data transmission speed, 28.8K baud is 28,800 bits per second.

Compact Disk Read-only-Memory. Similar to audio CD but used for data storage.

Composite Video
Combines vertical-horizontal synchronization signals, color and picture into a single signal line.

Compressed Resolution
An electronic method of reducing the resolution of a signal to operate on a lower resolution device.  An example would be an LCD Projector that has a maximum resolution of 800x600 pixels being used with a computer that is displaying 1024x768 resolution. The image quality will be reduced when compressed.

Audio level control device for automatically adjusting sound volume.

Alignment of Red, Green, and Blue video guns to combine and produce a single color video display.

Cathode Ray Tube or picture tube

Digital Audio Tape recorder/player

Decibel (db)
Unit of measure for comparing sound levels or electronic signal levels.

Digital Light Processing or Micro Mirror Technology, used in some Video/Data projectors.

Digital Subscriber Line (Internet Connection over a Telephone Line)

Digital Versatile Disk, similar to CD but has higher storage capacity.

Digital Versatile Disk Read-only-Memory. Similar to Video DVD but used for data storage.

Audio device with multiple frequency controls for adjusting sound tone quality.

Fast Fold Screen
Da-Lite brand that is assembled on-site to form front or rear projection screens.

High Definition Television

Hertz (Hz)
Unit of frequency measurement.  1,000 Hz  = 1,000 cycles per second.

Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, sets standards.

Integrated Services Digital Network.  High speed internet access, digital video and voice.

Connection or isolation device such as connecting a telephone line to sound equipment.

Two horizontal video scans (odd, even) per video frame, NTSC is a 2:1 interlace system.

Trapezoid distortion usually caused by the projector being located lower than the screen bottom.

Kilohertz (Khz)
Unit of frequency measurement.  1Khz  = 1,000 cycles per second.

Laser Pointer
Handheld device that projects a bright red light, typically used for manually pointing at a projection screen.

Liquid Crystal Display (used in Projectors, Monitors, Televisions)

LCD or DLP Projector
An electronic Video/Data projector for displaying video and computer images on a large projection screen.

Light Valve Projector
Very bright projection system for theater size screens.

Unit of light measurement typically for projectors.

Video imaging relative brightness

Unit of light measurement typically for cameras

Megahertz (Mhz)
Unit of frequency measurement.  1Mhz  = 1,000,000 cycles per second.

Audio or Video device used for adjusting and combining multiple signals from various sources.

CRT, LCD or Plasma based TV or Computer video display.

Any combinations of Video, Audio and Visual presentations.

Non Interlaced
Only a single horizontal video scan per video frame.

National Television Standards Committee.  (U.S. Television uses NTSC standards)

Overhead Projector
Used for displaying 8 x 11 transparencies on a projection screen.

Phase Alternate Line.  Television standards used primarily in Western Europe.

Parallel Port
Computer input/output connection that transmits data multiple bits at a time. (Ex. Printer)

Plasma Display Panel (used in Monitors or Televisions)

The smallest picture element making up the computer video display.

Rear Screen Projection
Locating the projector behind a translucent screen to be viewed from the front.

Number of pixels contained in the maximum screen viewing area.

Red, Green, Blue are the basic light components that make up color TV and Computer displays.

Scan Rate
Horizontal and Vertical scan speeds, usually specified in Kilohertz or Hertz.

Small Computer Systems Interface (scussy)

The electronic process of moving an electron beam across the CRT surface.

Television standards, the TV system used in France and throughout the Eastern Block Republics.

Serial Port
Computer input/output connection that transmits data 1 bit at a time. (Ex. Mouse)

Slide Projector
Used for displaying 35mm and 2"x2" slides on a projection screen.

Slide View Box
Box with light source and translucent panel used to view and sort slides used by slide projector.

Sound Pressure Level, intensity measurement of sound waves.

Synchronization, scanning signals that are used to keep the video display generator locked to the source.

Super Video Graphics Array. Resolution = 800x600 pixels

Super Extended Graphics Array. Resolution = 1280x1024 pixels

Telephone Interface
Device to connect a telephone line to sound system equipment for large group conference calls.

Video Graphics Array. Resolution = 640x480 pixels

Video In
Input video connection for an electronic device such as a DVD Recorder, female RCA jacks or BNC.

Video Out
Output video signal from a device such as a DVD Player or Camera, female RCA jacks or BNC.

Extended Graphics Array. Resolution = 1024x768 pixels


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