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Equipment Delivery/Set-up/Pick-up Policy for Turner Video Services (TVS)

• TVS rental equipment is delivered direct to you and in many cases the set-up is at no additional charge. With full service delivery/pick-up we are able to demonstrate equipment functions and guarantee it's proper operation. The loading, unloading and transporting of equipment is the main cause of equipment damage and wear. We use great care and you see the results in our quality equipment.

• We feel on-time delivery and pick-up is very important, this is why we are never late for an equipment delivery or pick-up. Many rental companies pick-up the equipment when "they feel like it" and are slow to pick-up the equipment if they don't need it right away. This unfairly puts the burden on you since you are responsible for the equipment while you have possession.

• We absolutely guarantee a 20 minute time window for deliveries and pick-ups, but in fact we usually meet a higher standard of a 10 minute time frame. We aren't aware of another AV rental company that can make this claim for all orders and without extra charge.

• We deliver, set-up and pick-up any time of day or night including weekends and holidays.

TVS Equipment Rental Policy

• Equipment rental rate is (1) day minimum.

• An equipment rental order when a RUSH delivery is involved becomes finalized at the point in which the order is approved. When a RUSH order is placed, a minimum of a one day rental charge and a RUSH delivery charge will apply even if the order is cancelled before delivery. A RUSH order is defined as an order placed and delivery is required in less than 12 hours.

• The client will be responsible for all rental equipment when it is agreed that delivery and/or set-up of equipment will be to any room (such as meeting rooms) or any property location owned or used by the client (such as Hotels & Resorts). At completion of delivery and/or set-up of such equipment the client will become responsible for security until the equipment is picked-up/removed by TVS.

• The client must provide security for all TVS rental equipment and accept full responsibility for any damage, loss or injury incurred directly or indirectly during possession of the rental equipment.

• The transfer of TVS rental equipment possession is only valid when this transaction is conducted by an employee of TVS.

• TVS rental equipment is not for sale and is not to be sold, loaned, sublet or mortgaged.

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